The headliners of Õllesummer Festival at Tallinn Song Festival Grounds from July 5th to 8th have been confirmed and the line-up brings to the audience the hottest Western, Eastern and local stars. 

On the opening day of the festival, the main artist is the hottest British rock band Kasabian. On July 6th, we can enjoy the Russian megastar Ёlka. On July 7th, British pop duo Hurts will perform, and on the final day of the festival, the scandalous rapper Tommy Cash will shock the socks off the sissies.

“Kasabian recently issued a new album, which means that next to well-known hits, Estonians will also hear the freshest and newest material,” the main organiser of the festival, Marje Hansar, promises. Also Hurts will not come to Estonia to rely on old hits: “In their case, however, the new album shall be released immediately after the Õllesummer Festival. Thus, the audience in Tallinn can listen to really fresh pieces that are not even played on the radio yet.”

The Tommy Cash XXL Live will be bigger than anything yet seen in Estonia or the neighbouring countries. The stage will become a psychedelic Tommy Cash world, and for minors and those easily scared it is recommended that they select something else from the vast entertainment program of the Õllesummer Festival.

The main performer on July 6th, Ёlka, is currently one of the hottest names in Russia. Besides the splendid career of a pop singer, she is also a member of the jury in a currently very popular youth talent show “Tõ Super” followed by millions of spectators. Her acts are always eye-catching but besides her appearance, the audience is always charmed by the immensely emotional performance of Ёlka.  

“Very cool main performers must also have very cool opening acts. Before Kasabian, we shall see I Wear* Experiment, Hurts is warmed up by Púr Múdd, and Tommy Cash by Elephants From Neptune. The audience of Ёlka is warmed up by the Russian dance music duo Filatov & Karas,” Marje Hansar lists the opening bands of the main stage.

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