British synthpop duo Hurts will take the stage at Õllesummer Festival on Tallinn Song Festival Grounds on 7 July, exactly one month from now. So far, all the preparations have gone to plan, apart from one little thing: the band has no idea where to hold the after-party! 

“Last time when we performed in Estonia, we went to a really awesome party in some old prison after the concert, " recalls Hurts singer Theo Hutchcraft. He means Patarei prison, where a variety of musical events and celebrations were held some time ago. The after-party lasted until morning and left the Hurts members with such a great impression that they originally planned to go back there. Upon hearing that Patarei prison is now completely closed down and no longer even offers day excursions, they were nonplussed for a moment, but then forwarded a request to fans. "I'm sure there are really cool parties elsewhere in Estonia as well. Any information is welcome, because we want to relax after the concert. Let us know where to go!" asked Theo. 

Hurts performs on the main stage of Õllesummer Festival at the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds on 7 July. Straight after the Festival, the band will also release a new album, so that the Tallinn concert-goers will have the opportunity to hear both their new and older material. Púr Múdd will play support to Hurts.

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