Useful info

The festival is open from Wednesday, July 4th to Friday, July 6th from 17.00 until 01.00.

Õllesummer 2018 tickets are on sale in and Circle K gas stations all over Estonia.

Both 1-day tickets as well as 3-day festival passes give access also to enjoy headliners.

Ticket prices from July 2nd 2018 on, Circle K gas stations and at the festival gates:

3-day pass - 50 EUR (presale and at festival gates on July 4th 2018)
1-day ticket - 25 EUR
Reduced day ticket - 15 EUR (reduced tickets are valid for owners of the Republic of Estonia pension certificate and children 6-11 (included) years of age)

Free entrance for children up to 5 years of age (included).

One-day tickets bought on the spot are valid on the day of purchase only. Holders of one-day tickets may buy wristbands at the information box located near the entrance gates and on the first floor inside the arc building (price 5 EUR) and if necessary use them for re-entry to the festival Grounds.

Bring your documents! 
The Õllesummer festival organising team is treating the issue of prevention of alcohol sales to underage customers very seriously. The organising team kindly requests that all festival visitors carry a personal identification document. Our sales staff are obliged to ask for picture ID to be sure that the person buying the alcohol is not underage. Suitable personal identification documents: ID card, passport or driver’s licence.

Information points
 can be found on the first storey of the Song Stage complex and next to the Oru gate. There you can get all information about the festival, including its performers and catering options. The Song Stage information point also has a smaller luggage storage facility.

You can pay with a bank card at specially marked ticket offices at the Oru and Mere gates.

In addition to the usual parking spaces around the Song Festival Grounds, Õllesummer visitors can park their cars near the Lasnamäe gate. The parking fee is 3 EUR per day.


Attention camera holders!
Any videocameras and professional photocameras (with removable obejectives) are forbidden to enter with due to artists wish. Please leave them at home, there is no storage at gates.

Special buses to take you home from Õllesummer 
The special Õllesummer buses depart from the Oru gate from Wednesday to Friday at 01.00 to Õismäe and Mustamäe through Tallinn city centre. You can purchase the 3 EUR ticket right there, 15 minutes before the bus departure time.

TO MUSTAMÄE – Oru – Viru circle – Pärnu Highway – Nõmme – Ehitajate Road – Sõpruse Boulevard – Vilde Road – Akadeemia Road
TO ÕISMÄE – Oru – Mere pst. – Baltic Train Station – Toompuiestee – Paldiski Highway – Õismäe circle

Due to Yandex technologies your car will arrive fast for a very affordable price. The app also has many unique features like chat with the driver or alternative pick-up points from which ride is cheaper. After you made a ride, please don't forget to estimate the ride and leave your feedback – it helps to improve the quality of the service.    

Drive soberly!
As part of the Road Administration campaign, any Õllesummer visitor can have their sobriety checked at the festival ground until the end of the festival day. The persons doing the testing are wearing bright vests and hats so you can spot them from afar.

 For your convenience and safety

1. Please use public transport as much as possible when going to the festival.

2. Keep your paper ticket in a secure place – if the security strip becomes damaged, torn off or illegible, you will no longer be able to use the ticket. You cannot use a damaged or torn armband.

3. Please carry a personal identification document with a photograph (ID card, passport or driver’s licence) and some cash.

4. If you come to the festival with children, make sure they have a piece of paper in their pocket with the relevant telephone numbers and their name. People often also write their mobile phone number on their child’s hand. Teach your child what to do if (s)he gets lost in the crowd as you will then be able to find each other quickly.

5. You cannot enter the festival premises with your own food and drinks. We make exceptions for special milk and purée food for babies.

6. You cannot enter the festival premises with knives and other sharp items, firearms, ammunition, pyrotechnics, explosives and highly flammable, toxic and radioactive substances. You also cannot enter the festival premises and consume there (or anywhere else) narcotic, psychotropic and sedative substances. No pets are allowed in either.

7. Video recordings of the concerts for public presentation can only be made subject to prior permission of the organisers. Photography by regular cameras is permitted, professional video cameras and photo cameras with removable objectives are not allowed.

8. Put your personal belongings in a place where you will not lose them and where they will not get stolen. Things are most likely to go missing in a crowd from your backpack, rear pockets and tables (mobile phones).

9. If you or someone near you has an accident, you feel that you or others are in any kind of danger or someone is acting aggressively or otherwise bothering you, inform the security services straight away and follow their instructions. Security guards know what to do and they are there to help you.

10. Please help us keep the premises clean and throw away rubbish in the designated areas – do your bit for nature preservation.

11. Do remember that you CANNOT SMOKE in the rooms at the Song Festival Grounds even during the Õllesummer festival.

12. Enjoy the festival!